FOREST (2019)


Created and Directed by

Kelsey Boncato & Daniel Oldham 

Concept, Storyboard, Design, & Animation

Kelsey Boncato

Music, Sound Design, Concept, & Technical Development

Daniel Oldham

Interactive Designer

Bryan Zhang

Producer & Director of the USC Immersive Media Lab

Candace Reckinger

Lab Technician 

Shaoyu Su

Featured Cellist 

Yoshika Masuda

Featured Vocalist

Madison Stoddard

Made possible through

Quill VR
Oculus Rift
University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts

Funded with a gift by the USC Immersive Media Lab

Original Music “FOREST” produced by


FOREST VR was produced in the USC Immersive Media Lab, SCA, Los Angeles CA.

Special thanks to Candace, Bryan, and the Tree Spirits.

© All works Kelsey Boncato 2021 ☻ kasama studio ☻