Forest Installation view at Site Gallery, Expanded Realities Exhibition, Sheffield Doc Fest, UK 2019

Between art, technology and entertainment, FOREST interweaves the natural and unnatural, embarking on a journey of identity and perception. The bristlecone pine forest portrays a robust organic system reflecting strength, temperance, and the essence of time. This real forest instills an abstract narrative with a cyclic embellishment of life and death.

In contrast, the digital, non-organic constructed system in FOREST points to the relationship between human structures, the preservation of self, and a humanistic drive to a “natural state” through artificial means. In FOREST, the environment ultimately becomes corrupt by the intrusion of the human user who enters the fabricated sacred space with a goal-oriented mind and an attitude of indulgence while resisting the abandonment of self; a perpetual emptiness all too familiar.
© All works Kelsey Boncato 2020 — Los Angeles