artist  ·  director  ·  animator

In collaboration with music composer Daniel Oldham, FOREST is a meditative immersive media experience in a hand-drawn landscape of ancient bristlecone pine trees, sculpted organic matter, and transmuted earthy-electro sounds; get lost in an interactive sacred space.

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IDESIA – AIN’T OVER” (2017) an experimental music video of consciousness through indigo hues; a young woman discovers strength in an internal world while daydreaming on a train.

Installation view at TANK 203.3040, visionxsound, in Neulengbach, Austria 2017.

 “CJ TRILLO – POINTLESS” (2014) An animated music video that gestures the hip-hop artist's persona over a robust brew of Don Francisco coffee while chain smoking Camel Crush cigs.

“USC MICHELSON CENTER CSI IN CANCER – PRECISION PS (2019)” an animated brand promo for improving patient care.

Script, creative development, direction, design and animation.     

“JON HANSEN – KONFITÜRE (2019)” an animated music video of a fancy jam.
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